Afro-Descendents of Quidbo, Colombia

Afro-Cololumbian children during the Feasts of San Pacho

Quibdo is the capital of the Department of Choco in Colombia. In 2008 the city had a population of 109,000 people. The population of the Choco region is overwhelmingly Afro-Colombian due to the history of slavery in the area. The city is somewhat isolated and is located close to the Atrato River. A 25 minute plane ride separates the city from Medellin, one of the largest cities in Colombia.

Although Quibdo is a large city by Colombian standards, only the center of the city has concrete buildings and paved streets.  Most people in the city live in shacks made from wood or iron and live on dirt roads. Due to an inadequate water and sewage system the area experiences both drought, when the stored water supply is depleted, and flooding during times of heavy rains.

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